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Street markets, podiums, sidewalks, footbridges, country parks, roof gardens, rock streams, nullahs, bus stops… Squeezed between the mountains and the sea, and competing with high-rise buildings and busy freeways, public space in Hong Kong is constantly taking on new forms. But how much public space do we need? How should it be managed? Who should own it? How can we use it? When is it open to everyone? How should it be designed? What is good public space? What is bad public space?
We will be organizing events, publish articles (send us yours!) and you can let us know what you think by uploading your pictures, of what is good and what is bad. In the meantime, feel free to comment on the existing photo gallery. We will make sure that your opinion counts.

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Let us know your view. Upload your pictures of 'beautiful' and 'ugly' public space in Hong Kong or make comments on existing photographs in the Photo Gallery. Make sure you register as a user first.

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